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Nod Makerspace represents the story of a group of great professionals, building communities by bringing people together in a space that it is focused on growing and welcoming new members and their creative ideas. Located in the heart of Bucharest, along Dambovita River, Nod Makerspace is the first creative community center of large dimensions in Romania with the main goal being the development of design, engineering and prototyping sectors.


Client:                   Nod Makerspace

Location:            Splaiul Unirii 160, 1st and 2nd floor, Industria Bumbacului Complex, Bucharest, Romania

Size:                      1400 sqm

Design:                Wolfhouse Productions & Kinnarps 

Construction:  Nod Makerspace

Pictures:            Cosmin Dragomir  

                              Catalin Georgescu

                              Nod Makerspace

Furniture:        Kinnarps  & Nod Makerspace


Nod’s journey started in 2015 when a group of creative, multidisciplinary professionals and friends, took over an abandoned industrial space in Bucharest and together with the help of their partners and volunteers opened the first 650 square meters of the future HUB, that soon became the central hot-spot for  creative industries in Bucharest.

In 2016 they extended to 1050 square meters, by adding more private studious and more collaborative working spaces and in 2017, they extended the ‘maker space’ and co-working area to another floor, resulting in 1400 square meters used by new creative startups and makers and creating the first material library in southern Europe.

Currently, Nod Makerspace provides: open co-working areas, meeting rooms, a napping area, relax/collaborative spaces, two big fully equipped pantries, enclosed private studios, workshop areas equipped with tools for digital manufacturing and prototyping, wood, metal and textile tools, CNC Router.

The open co-working space from the first floor offers a wide variety of furniture adaptable to every need, serving for casual work or collaboration.

Furnished with the help of  Kinnarps, and their design team, the first floor incorporates, height adjustable tables, high back sofas for semi private discussions, bar chairs and ergonomic working chairs that can be easily adapted to bar height tables, all meant to increase creative thinking and collaboration between people working in different fields of activity. Designing together with the community from Nod and Wolfhouse Productions , Kinnarps offered all types of solutions to every possible need, in a space prepared to serve a large different group of people.

The Pantry area combined with the collaborative area offers flexibility for using the space both as informal, open meeting area as well as having lunch or brainstorming.

The second floor hosts open co-working space, maker space equipped with tools, workshop areas and enclosed office studios.

The open Pantry helps the community gather for lunch times or break moments and share the ideas they are working on.

The materials used at this floor are raw, natural ones, like, concrete and wood and in some areas, the existing cement floor was kept. The space offers a variety of table heights and dimensions, as well as collaborative furniture, mostly designed and build by the community of Nod Makerspace. At the same time the space was not crowded with unnecessary materials and furniture, giving the Makers the possibility to move a lot and create their design objects. Being named by the team as ‘The Active’ space, this area showcases exactly what it is: a space were most of the people never sit, but always discuss, interact or build their prototypes for their startups.

The second floor of Nod Makerspace includes also an area called Mini Nod, which represents exactly what the name says about it, a place for the small ones that tend to follow their parents and become makers when they grow up. It accommodates the babies of the members using the maker spaces and wish to keep their babies close when they work. The space includes motricity development area, interactive tables, a small library with books and games, playground station, sleeping areas, all built in the same manner as the entire furniture of the space: with natural materials, raw colors and shapes, that activate the senses of the small ones and shape their curiosity.

The entire space takes advantage of the natural light, by using big frame-less glass partition for each individual studio, and together with the built-in lightning systems, the space benefits from a perfect creative and working environment, with a balanced contrast between yellow and white light.



Photo credits: Cosmin Dragomir

Photo credits: Cosmin Dragomir

Photo credits: Cosmin Dragomir

Photo credits: Catalin Georgescu

Photo credits: Catalin Georgescu

Photo credits: Catalin Georgescu

Photo credits: Catalin Georgescu

Photo credits: Catalin Georgescu

Photo credits: Nod Makerspace

If you are around Splaiul Unirii in Bucharest, we suggest you visit them for a tour of the place and a nice cup of coffee. You will see how designing, engineering, prototyping and debating can be incorporated into one single space and one community, that benefits from all the customized elements and atmosphere created there.

Don’t work, just have fun & create!



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