JAXDA Shanghai new office space

  • Client:                JAXDA
  • Location:         98, Innovation Zone, Building A, Level 3, no.98, Yanping Rd,  Shanghai, China
  • Size:                    800 sqm
  • Design:               JAXDA
  • Construction: JAXDA
  • Pictures:           JAXDA
  • Furniture:        Haworth, Humanscale, Steelcase
  • Carpet:               Milliken, Interface, Shaw

JAXDA is a Shanghai based company, focused on interior design, project management and construction. Their vision is to create professional work spaces design solutions, following the new design concepts, for Chinese and foreign companies.

In March 2015 the company moved in a new office space, located on Yanping Road, in the city center of Shanghai. The interior design of the space is supposed to highlight the company’s passion for office designs. With a multitude of collaboration areas, relax spaces and well equipped meeting rooms, clients and employees are given the opportunity to discover here, what are the needs for each project they start to develop.

With a strong branding concept, the space includes the basic color of the company, which is green, but also rough materials like concrete, recycled wood (for the logo wall and some furniture pieces) and metal. The main concept was about keeping the space simple and functional and offering the visitors as well as the employees, spaces where they can relate to each other, drink a coffee together or if the situation requires have a formal private formal meeting.

In the entry area, we are welcomed by small wood amphitheater used for presentations and the large pantry, used by the employees to have lunch together, or where clients visiting can prepare and drink their coffee. The main core of the office space, includes the big meeting room, one phone booth, for private calls, an open collaboration area, facility area and one big library connected with the pantry and the materials showroom area. Here, clients and designers together can choose the perfect carpet, stone or wood for their office design.

In the open office area, they included also 4 height adjustable tables for people that want to grab their laptops and work there for a few hours a day, after sitting too long on their chairs. This desks are not assigned to anyone and are called hot desks, meaning that everybody can use them.

We think their design came out pretty good and includes everything we want to show here at Office X-ray, multi functional spaces, collaboration areas, strong concept and branding and height adjustable furniture really important for the well being of the employees.

Tell us your opinion and if you have any office that you think deserves to be here write us an e-mail. Until then, remember:

Don’t work, just have fun and create!

visit their website here 🙂 and if you are around Jing’An Area in Shanghai visit their office space! They will give you a nice tour of their workplace and a good coffee!





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