How the world started to focus more on office interior design


Home-Office, Office-Home and this is how our days are flowing.

But, what if we can mix these two, so we will no longer have the constant feeling that our office is a non personal space, from where we want to escape every time?

What if we can design the place we work in the same spirit as our homes, so that work will no longer be a torture and it will be connected with our hobbies, passions and why not, even with our family?

The work spaces lately, have become more influenced by creative designs, giving the people the opportunity to grow, relax, play and interact more at work. The traditional workstations all aligned, the cubical desks and the corridors are no longer a good solution for the future of our work. All around the world, companies are thinking and starting to give their employees spaces to relax, to communicate and collaborate, to bring their kids and family and even to do sports.

Furniture companies started to discover the importance of having different types and heights for the furniture around the office. Employees have now the opportunity to develop their work, from a sofa, a bar table, a rolling chair or from the terrace located on the top of the building.

All this elements, putted together, are the one creating the new look and atmosphere for the office interiors, that are now starting to look more like hubs, homes and bars, rather than a regular, boring office space.

Life should not be divided between work and other activities, because work should no longer be considered work. It should be a funny place, where you go every day to meet and interact with other people in order to create a better world and to contribute to society by learning and teaching others.

In this spirit we start now, by the end of the year 2016, Office X-Ray website, that will help you become more aware of the importance of  design and creative spaces in the working areas.

Don’t work, just have fun and create!




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