My name is Raluca Pestisanu and I was born in Bucharest, Romania.
After falling in love with Architecture and graduating from University of Architecture “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest, I have decided to discover a small part of Asia, to work and make new friends there.
This is how I ended up working in Shanghai, in a nice environment with people who want to create a better interior design for all the working spaces. I spend my time divided between Shanghai and Bucharest, in a constant desire of improving and knowing more about design.
At Office X-ray, we want to bring in front, the best solutions about office interior design, because we think that the place you work in, it is in a constant change.
People ended up spending more of their time in the office and less in their homes and this is why your office should become as comfortable as your home.
We will bring innovative ideas for you, advises from our experiences and we will test as much as we can in terms of furniture, so that you will receive the best informations.